Food Preparation Equipment

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Washers & Sinks

Commercial warewashers and utensil washers are designed to handle the rigors of institutional use, and portable sinks are also essential to ensuring that a washing station is available in any area of the kitchen. Quickly clean and sanitize dishes with our top-of-the-line units.
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Kitchen Equipment

In addition to many of the focal units of your kitchen, you’ll likely need to invest in some accessory pieces. Whether you’re purchasing bulk portions of meat and need a meat saw to cut those portions down to consistent sizes or you’re a deli in need of an accurate commercial slicing machine for those perfect slices of meat, there’s a piece of equipment to enhance virtually any food service need.
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Refrigerators & Ice Machines

High-volume operations in cafeterias and institutions alike demand the addition of commercial refrigerators and ice machines. These units can be ordered to suit your needs, ensuring that you’ll have the maximum space available for ice production as well as cold food storage.
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Walk In Refrigeration

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Racks & Shelves

Organization is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your kitchen running smoothly and keeping products rotating through storage. Racks and shelves can help to increase your kitchen’s organization of bulk products, overflow items, and extra accessories that may not be used on a daily basis.
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Food Carriers

For off-site catering and transportation of food items, food carriers are essential. These carriers are specifically designed to maintain foods at approved temperatures for long durations, ensuring that your items arrive at their location as fresh as they were in the restaurant!
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Cooking Equipment

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Those operating within an institution - whether it be a cafeteria or otherwise - will likely order most of their products in bulk amounts to cut down on costs and ensure that there’s enough food to serve everyone during peak times. Similarly, many pieces of kitchen equipment will need to be stored securely and safely between serving times. Organize your kitchen with our commercial-grade stands, serving counters, and shelving units.
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The best way to cater to large crowds of customers is to set up one or more beverage stations where guests may serve themselves. Our commercial dispensers are essential to these stations, allowing for easy pouring of coffees, hot water, teas, and other prepared beverages.
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